Nihar Gala
Founder and CEO of Alpha Care Medical

Meet the man behind the grant, Nihar Gala

About Nihar Gala

Dr. Nihar Gala is the founder and CEO of Alpha Care Medical, a comprehensive health care provider with four locations throughout Delaware: Millsboro, Harrington, Dover and Seaford. He specializes in addiction medicine, pain management and other areas of healthcare, utilizing his fluency in English, Spanish and Hindi to effectively work with patients from all backgrounds.

The high quality of care that Alpha Care Medical provides is a direct result of Nihar’s commitment to the highest professional standards in his practice. He earned his medical degree from Rutgers University Medical School in 2012 and completed both an internship and residency program there as well. In 2017, he founded Alpha Care Medical and has since put all his energy into ensuring that it offers the best possible care to its patients.

Under Dr. Nihar Gala’s leadership, Alpha Care Medical has become a premier healthcare provider in Delaware and is committed to providing quality medical services for people of all ages. The practice is dedicated to helping its patients achieve their health goals through quality medical services, compassionate care and an unparalleled commitment to excellence. With these values in mind, Dr. Nihar Gala continues to strive for the best possible healthcare solutions for his patients.

By staying true to his values of professionalism and quality care, Dr. Nihar Gala has established Alpha Care Medical as a trusted provider of health services in Delaware. He has shown his dedication and passion for the healthcare industry through his continued commitment to providing quality care, which is evident in the growth of Alpha Care Medical. Under Dr. Gala’s guidance, Alpha Care Medical will continue to be a leader in providing comprehensive health care services that meet the needs of people throughout Delaware.