Nihar Gala

Grant For Healthcare Students

Who Is It For?

Healthcare Students

Dr. Nihar Gala has demonstrated his commitment to ensuring all individuals have access to quality healthcare by establishing a generous financial grant for students interested in entering the healthcare field. The fund helps students to cover tuition costs and other educational expenses related to entering the healthcare industry.

Future Stars

Nihar is are looking for future healthcare stars to apply for the grant award and benefit from the award. We will select a winner through an essay contest, where applicants are asked to submit a 1,000-word essay explaining why they are passionate about entering healthcare and how they believe they can make a difference.

Standout Students

We carefully review applications from potential grant award recipients and will select a standout student with the utmost dedication to providing quality healthcare as the winner of our financial grant. We take into consideration all aspects of their application, such as their academic achievements and community involvement, to ensure that we are choosing an individual who not only has a passion for healthcare, but is also well-rounded and has the potential to become a leader in the industry.

Learn About The Nihar Gala Grant

Nihar Gala is passionate about healthcare and helping others, so it’s no surprise that he established a grant fund for students interested in entering the healthcare field. After completing his medical degree at Rutgers University Medical School, Dr. Gala wanted to give back to those who were following in his footsteps by providing financial support for their education. His financial grant fund helps cover tuition costs and other expenses related to entering the healthcare industry, giving deserving students an opportunity they may not have had otherwise. With this generous act of philanthropy, Nihar has shown his commitment to making sure all individuals have access to quality health care regardless of their economic status or background.

Nihar Gala

nihar gala

Nihar Gala is the founder and CEO of Alpha Care Medical, a comprehensive health care provider with four locations throughout Delaware: Millsboro, Harrington, Dover and Seaford. Specializing in addiction medicine, pain management and other areas of healthcare, Nihar utilizes his fluency in English, Spanish, and Hindi so he can effectively work with patients from all backgrounds.

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